Brita Faucet Filtration

Have a tap with water at home or work? Well, that’s all you need for installing the BRITA faucet water filtration to get clean, fresh, great-tasting water at your finger tips. An additional benefit of the BRITA faucet filtration system is that it saves space. It is easy to attach to your water faucet; no tools required and it just takes minutes. With BRITA faucet water filtration, you can have clean, fresh, great-tasting water straight from the tap for yourself, your family, your workplace, your kitchens, and even for your cooking!

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BRITA Faucet Filters

Take a look around you and answer this simple question – is there a faucet accessible in near sight? Well, our guess is that in most cases the answer will be YES. Whether you are at home or at the workplace, you will see an easy-to-reach water faucet to dispense water for all your needs. However, what you may not see in lots of cases is a BRITA faucet water filtration system to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our drinking water. The question then to think about is that despite knowing that the water dispensed from faucets may not be fully suitable for drinking, why are there so many homes and workplaces installed with faucets but not with a BRITA faucet water filter on them? Why are we risking our health and the health of our loved ones by not making a conscious choice about making sure that the water dispensed from our water faucets is filtered clean for drinking, consumption and cooking purposes?

BRITA Faucet Filters – The 5 C’s Proving Their True Value

We understand that due to the increasing variety of water filtration systems in the market place, making an informed decision about faucet water filtration systems can be hard. Since we are surrounded by an array of different kinds of water filtration products and services, sometimes making a smart choice can be a little daunting. So let’s take a look at the 5 C’s approach of proving the value of BRITA faucet filters and how they may be the right fit for you.


We all take things for granted sometimes. Our health cannot be one of those things. We cannot take it for granted and it is our responsibility to provide our bodies with good quality, clean, filtered drinking water continuously. BRITA faucet filters are the answer to ensuring a continuous supply of clean, filtered water for our residential and workplace needs. Most developed countries have continuity of water supplies through faucets and similarly, BRITA faucet filters help maintain the suitability of that water for many uses. We all wish for a continuous supply of qualities in many areas of our lives and faucet water quality should not be an exception. Continuous access to filtered, clean water is just one of the many qualitative attributes of BRITA faucet filters. BRITA faucet filters enable water purification straight from the tap making sure that there is no hindrance in the continuous supply of filtered, clean water for our homes, kitchens, families and workplaces.


Not enough applaud can be given to the convenience provided by BRITA faucet filters when it comes to fulfillment of water filtration needs. As soon as a BRITA faucet filter is conveniently attached to a water dispensing tap, access to filtered, clean water for drinking, cooking and many other purposes becomes very convenient. No looking around for pitchers or bottles anymore, no need to carry their weight anymore, and no waiting for the water to get filtered in a filtration or storage device anymore. At home, or at work – wherever you have access to a tap with running water, just attach a BRITA faucet filter and conveniently dispense filtered, clean drinking water whenever you want and as much as you want! Use BRITA faucet filters in your kitchens to ensure continuous supply of filtered, clean water conveniently. Fill up water dispensers, serving pitchers, glasses or carafes straight from the tap conveniently using BRITA faucet filters.

In addition, BRITA faucet filters are very convenient to install. They can be easily attached to water faucets – it just takes minutes and there are no tools required to install or maintain BRITA faucet water filters! Another beneficial feature of BRITA faucet filters is the filter life indicator. BRITA’s basic faucet filtration system comes with a Standard Filter Life Indicator and BRITA’s advanced faucet filtration system comes equipped with an Electronic Filter Life Indicator. Filter life indicators are smart tools developed by BRITA for the convenience of their users because they indicate and tell the users when to change the water filter.

And lastly, another great attribute of BRITA’s advanced faucet filters is the water spray option! This feature offers convenience of use by allowing the user to control over 3 flow options – the filtered water flow option, the spray option or the stream option. This allows you to conveniently choose the option best suited for your use of filtered, clean water provided by BRITA faucet filters.

Cost Effectiveness

Can you imagine how much costs would add up if single use bottled water was to be consumed every time a glass of water was needed? In this day and age of growing cost of living on items such as gas and groceries, BRITA faucet filters help keep drinking water costs down by proving to be a cost-effective solution for water filtration needs in homes and offices. There is a one-time cost of purchasing the BRITA faucet filters. But BRITA faucet filters offer long lasting quantity and quality for months and prove to be a cost-effective alternative to single use water bottles. Families can depend upon the BRITA faucet filters as an economical source of filtered water for quantities up to approximately 100 gallons of water. When required, finding and changing the BRITA faucet filters is easy to do at an affordable cost to maintain the economical flow of filtered, clean water in our homes and offices using BRITA faucet filters.

Caring For Ourselves and Caring For The Environment

To make sure that we get quality drinking water consistently straight from the tap, BRITA’s multistage faucet water filters help reduce impurities and contaminants. BRITA faucet filters have an added layer to trap sediment, and have the ability to reduce metals such as lead. BRITA faucet filters also help fight unwanted elements such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia that may have spread from some sources to be found in water. BRITA faucet filters offer a level of caring for us and our families by producing good quality results seen in BRITA’s water filtration products.

If you have taken a look around and heard all the talk about environmental pollution being caused by plastic water bottles, you will understand that it is vital for us to use environmentally friendly products to sustain a healthy environment for the generations to come. BRITA faucet filters care for the environment by reducing single use plastic bottle water waste. With approximately 100 gallons of water produced by a BRITA faucet filter, the dependency on single use water bottles can be reduced by simply conveniently refilling and reusing bottles, pitchers or carafes filled with filtered, clean water straight from the tap using BRITA faucet filters.

Compatible Characteristics

Did you know BRITA faucet filters offer many compatible characteristics to suit and match your interior décor setup in the house or office! Saving counter space is a given benefit of using BRITA faucet filters. Think of all the other creative uses in the kitchen, home or office that you could use the counter space for! We all have limited space in our homes and offices, so why clutter it with plastic bottles or pitchers of water. Instead, by using BRITA faucet filters we can get our space back and use it for cleaning or chopping in the kitchen to even decorating the spaces to our taste in the home or office. Every time you need a glass of fresh, clean, filtered drinking water, just walk up to the tap and conveniently dispense as much water as you like using BRITA faucet filters.

In addition, BRITA faucet filters offer choices in the color of the faucet water filtration system to suit your interior set up for kitchens, homes or offices. Advanced BRITA faucet filters offer three finishes to complement any style and decor. You may choose from White on White BRITA faucet filters, Chrome on White BRITA faucet filters, or Chrome on Black BRITA faucet filters. Even BRITA replacement filters for BRITA faucet filters are available in colors such as White or Chrome. For a customized look to suit your needs, mixing and matching is easy when using BRITA faucet filters.