CULLIGAN Under-Sink Water Filters

Are your needs for water filters to produce large quantities of water for you, your family, or at your workplace? Well, the CULLIGAN under-sink water filter may be the right fit for your needs then. Its slim design helps the water filter easily fit in tight under-sink spaces. Once you have it installed easily, clean water will be directly available from your tap. For room temperature clean, filtered water, consider serving straight from the tap. Or if you like your clean, filtered water to taste chilled, then store this water in the refrigerator. Either way, this water filtration system is found to be ideal for families or larger groups of people. In addition, CULLIGAN under-sink water filter products include necessary mounting hardware, cartridge, housing wrench, plastic tubing and even a cartridge-change reminder sticker!

Under-sink water filters are gaining popularity as tools for water filtration in homes and offices. So you must have observed one installed under the sink at a home or office. But have you ever found yourself wondering how under-sink water filters really work?

Well, to begin with, just like all other water filters, the objective of the under-sink water filters is to remove impurities and contaminants from water. So that clean, pure, fresh water is available straight from the tap, without any hassles. The impurities and unwanted elements get caught in the filter. And this filter can be conveniently replaced when needed. Now let’s understand how the under-sink water filters really work and what are the common processes that help them work.

Using Activated Carbon is one of the most commonplace method for working under-sink water filters. Activated carbon, sometimes also known as activated coal or charcoal is basically heated charcoal or charcoal treated using other methods to increase adsorption for purifying. It may look like crumbled charcoal but it is very effective in keeping water clean and clear. Like the name suggests, in this system a replaceable cartridge filled with activated carbon is used to remove contamination. This helps the water filters to capture particles like pesticides, chlorine, chemicals etc. but results may vary due to different factors like how thick the carbon is and how big or small the size of the filter may be. Most water filters available in the marketplace today are user-friendly and easy to install or change.