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Culligan is a top provider in water treatment systems. With over 75 years of experience, Culligan produces leading water softeners using the latest technology to bring the purest, softest, cleanest water into homes, offices, restaurants, and industrial facilities worldwide. Culligan’s high-tech softeners feature patented technology and provide you with professional service that is unique to Culligan.

Culligan offers many types of water softeners so that consumers have options. Their traditional water softeners tackle hard water problems, while their water conditioners are two-in-one solutions that act as both water softeners and water filters. But how exactly do these water treatment systems work? Culligan uses the best methods in water softening out there: ion exchange and reverse osmosis. Culligan’s ion exchange method is a salt-based method that exchanges your water’s hard minerals for sodium chloride ions.* For ease of use, all Culligan water softeners using the ion exchange method feature three main components: the Control Valve, the Mineral Tank, and the Brine System. The Control Valve features a digital display that provides you with system diagnostics. The Mineral Tank is directly connected to your plumbing line and is the location where your hard water enters. Attached to the mineral tank is the Brine Tank, where a quantity of salt solution is stored. With the help of the Brine Tank, the Mineral tank becomes the exchange site, by which your water’s negatively charged hard minerals are exchanged with sodium chloride ions, leaving you with soft water that will flow throughout your place of residence. During installation, your local Culligan man will inform you of how often salt will need to be added to the tank. For those who face health concerns regarding levels of salt in water, Culligan offers potassium chloride as an alternative to sodium chloride. Another salt-free method of water softening that Culligan offers is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water softening is equipped to handle an unlimited amount of hard water. This process forces water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane that allows water molecules to pass through, trapping larger molecules, such as hard water minerals and ions. Culligan also offers automatic treatment systems in which system regeneration takes place at Culligan, so that you can avoid salt and discharge in your home. Any of these methods provide you with soft water that is beneficial to your home and to all who use it.

Culligan Water Softener Features

Culligan water softeners promise to make your life more efficient, more economical and enjoyable. While each Culligan softening system has unique features designed to provide you with the best solution to your hard water problems, there are some universal benefits that Culligan soft water will provide. What are they? Culligan soft water turns time-consuming household chores, like washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom, into quick tasks. With Culligan soft water, no longer will you have to endure scale build-up that encrusts appliances like sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and even dishes, leaving them with white spots, rust stains or scum. Soft water is gentle with whatever it comes in contact with so that all fixtures in your place of residence may gleam. And did you know that Culligan soft water is great for your hair and skin? Soft water helps prevent red, itchy and dry skin, since there are no hardness impurities to cause irritation, so you can expect to have softer, healthier hair and skin. When it comes to washing clothes, expect your laundry to come out brighter and stay looking new for longer. Never worry again about skin irritation from the roughness of your clothes caused by hard water damage. And because every detail counts, Culligan soft water will help you waste less detergent, soap, conditioner and shampoo, as lathering is made much easier without sticky soap curd. Possibly the greatest reason that Culligan water softener systems prove to be a worthwhile investment is because they protect the most expensive and complex systems in your home, piping and plumbing. Unlike hard water, soft water does not clog or erode pipes with scale build-up. Culligan soft water leaves passageways clear and intact so that your water and heating systems can deliver with ease and your money isn’t spent on costly repairs. Certain Culligan water softener systems also deal with issues of the bad taste and odor of water, an extra step to provide you with the freshest water possible.

Culligan’s water treatment systems have some great features that set them apart from competing brands of softeners. Aside from 2-in-1 softeners with filter, Culligan offers a Dial-a-Softness valve, which allows you to determine how soft or hard you would like your water to be. Culligan understands that some consumers may prefer to have traces of minerals in their water, while others may chose to lessen levels of salt. The Culligan Soft-Minder meter monitors daily water use while a smart brine tank monitors salt levels. Patented Culligan Aqua-Sensor technology automatically adjusts to changes in water conditions. Each systems tank has an exclusive, reliable design. The Quadra-Hull Tank can withstand outdoor use and a non-corrosive valve works for 6 cycles.

Culligan water softeners are not just for the home. They have industrial and commercial applications as well. Culligan water treatment systems can be used to deliver soft water for outdoor sprinkling systems, pools, homes and many more. Each Culligan water softener is designed to soften water based on various hardness levels and volumes of water. There is a Culligan softener for every application.

Culligan is with you every step of the way. From the very beginning, Culligan provides free in-home water testing to help you determine what type of water treatment system will work best for you. Culligan provides customizable water softener options as well, for residences with extreme or unique hard water problems. No matter which product you have, your local Culligan Man can service and repair your water system. Culligan offers consumers three payment options: renting, purchasing and financing. Whether you only need a water softener for a limited time, or a large investment isn’t in your current budget, Culligan can help ensure that you still get the soft water that you need.

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*All Culligan water softening and conditioning systems may exchange sodium chloride for potassium chloride

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