Brita Ultramax Water Dispenser

Brita Ultramax Water Dispenser

Brita Ultramax Features:

  • Brita Ultramax water dispenser has 1.13 gallon capacity for holding filtered water
  • It helps improve water quality by filtering out contaminants from water such as lead and chlorine
  • Brita Ultramax dimensions are 15.5”x10”x5.5” and it weighs 4 pounds in shipping weight
  • It produces 40 gallons of filtered clean drinking water in quantity
  • Brita Ultramax dispenser is an eco-friendly water filter that helps reduce plastic water bottle waste


BRITA Ultramax Dispenser – 5 Reasons To Get One Today


The Brita Ultramax Dispenser is the ideal BRITA water filter product for families and larger groups of people. This is because The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is designed by BRITA to produce large quantities of filtered water. As BRITA’s largest water filter, it can produce filtered water at an enormous capacity of 144 ounces. In other words, the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is good for eighteen eight fluid ounces of clean, filtered water. The water filter inside The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is designed by BRITA to be suitable for filtering large amounts of water that can be easily dispensed for serving filtered water. In addition, the large capacity of filtered water produced by the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser allows for other types of use of the filtered water, for instance, filling the coffee maker or tea kettle, still leaving ample filtered water for drinking.


The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser equipped with the BRITA water filter is a high quality product that is known to fight contaminants in order to produce clean, filtered water. Have you ever wondered what all elements may be contaminating water due to various factors such as industrialization and pollution? Did you know that metals such as mercury and minerals such as copper may be making the water potentially unsafe for drinking? Not just that, elements such as lead in the water can also make it unsafe. The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser uses BRITA’s state of the art technology to fight the potential impurities in water with success levels to eliminate up to 98% of lead. The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser also reduces the unwanted taste and odor of chlorine.


Now let’s examine the physical characteristics of the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser. The dimensions of the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser are approximately 14 inches long (length) x 9 inches high (height) x 7.5 inches wide (width). The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is a large water dispenser that has shipping weight of approximately 3.5 to 4 pounds. The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser looks like a rectangular tank of water. It fits conveniently in the sink for filling tap water. This makes refilling the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser very easy. For room temperature water, consider keeping the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser on the counter top as it fits there with ease. For refrigerated water, just fill and put the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser on the refrigerator shelf inside the refrigerator conveniently.

Another great feature of the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is the pouring spout with a handle. There is no mess or inconvenience in using the easy pour spout functionality of the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser when pouring water into a glass or bottle. Have you observed how easy and convenient it is to get drinking water at offices or parties where water filters and dispensers can fill up the glass with just the click of a finger? Getting water from the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser feels just like that. Just put your glass, cup or bottle under the pouring spout and conveniently get as much filtered, clean drinking water as you need. The convenience of one-touch dispensing makes it super easy to use the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser.


The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is super easy to install and maintain. Installation instructions are included in the box. To begin with, it is always a good idea to make sure your hands are clean and the installation surface or working area where you will be putting together the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is also clean. In addition, it is also recommended to wash the body (inside and outside, including water storage area), the lid and all other parts of the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser before starting to fill it with water to be filtered. Just make sure all the cleaning is done for best results from the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser for you and your family. The next step in installation of the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is soaking the water filter in cold water for approximately 15 minutes. Once soaked, it is also recommended to rinse the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser filter under cold tap water running for a few minutes. After these steps are complete, see the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser installation instructions to insert the water filter into the reservoir area. Do this right by simply by lining up the groove in the filter with the indentation in the reservoir. When you feel the filter is correctly fitted, just keep it pressed tightly to make sure the seal is firm. And that’s it! Your new BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is ready for use. But it is generally recommended to dispose the first batch of filtered water in the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser.


The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser is a smart water filtration solution providing ease of maintenance and upkeep. The BRITA Ultramax Dispenser comes equipped with the electronic filter change indicator. It is a built-in tool that helps identify and determine when the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser water filter has reached the level of maximum use and needs to be replaced. There are bars on the electronic display included in the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser that guide users to prepare for replacing filter cartridges. It is generally recommended to observe the status of bars on the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser electronic filter change indicator so that you are prepared and ready with a new filter when only one bar remains on display. Finding and replacing the water filter cartridges in the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser are quite easy too. Just remember how you installed that one new filter the first time around or refer to the easy to use installation filter replacement instructions for the BRITA Ultramax Dispenser.