CULLIGAN Water Pitchers

CULLIGAN water pitchers can be found with various different features and attributes to fit your water filtration needs for your home or office. For instance, CULLIGAN water pitcher offers options for keeping the pitcher and just changing the cartridges when needed in just a few minutes. Each CULLIGAN cartridge offers 50 Gallons capacity. Some models also come with a built-in filter-replacement indicator on lid that can help keep track of the water filter life. By using the water filters, clean, great-tasting water can be obtained at any time. All you need is a tap. Imagine the convenience of having a filtered water pitcher on your kitchen counter or dinner table at home, or any where at your work place. The CULLIGAN water pitchers have a spout cover that prevents transfer of refrigerator odors into the pitcher and the water pitchers can be conveniently refrigerated for chilled, refreshing, clean filtered water!