Water Softener Recharge

The job of a water softener is to remove minerals from the water supply that make the water hard. For this purpose, a water softener needs to recharge. Recharging of a water softener happens in a certain period of time. Therefore, it is important to know this metric about water softener recharging in time when using a water softener to treat hard water. Different water softeners produced by many different companies have different recharge time that they need for consistent and efficient production of soft water for use within a residential or commercial establishment.

During the process of water softener recharging, it washes away and cleans out minerals that get collected from the water supply. When the water passes thought the water softening system, resin beads stop and store hard minerals. Because of this, over time the beads may get so full of minerals that it may start hampering the ability of the water softener to keep producing soft water. In order to prevent the water-softening appliance to reach this stage, it recharges the beads. This recharging process gets measured in time metrics, such as, minutes or hours. A brine solution is created in the brine tank with salt which helps discard away the hard minerals.

Water softeners are set up to recharge in various time frames. While older water softeners may have been created to recharge on a weekly basis, modern water softeners are more efficient in the recharging process. Newer water softeners may have the ability to complete recharging in a matter of hours. Each water softener may be set up differently to complete the recharging step. In some new softeners, even computerized systems may be found that enable automation and enhance functionality to recharge the water softener when a certain amount of water is used. Different manufacturers set different dimensions for water softener recharging in various kinds of water softener models.