CULLIGAN Replacement Cartridges and Filters

CULLIGAN replacement water filters offer long-lasting, great-tasting, clean, filtered water in a variety of ways depending upon which CULLIGAN water filtration products you own.

CULLIGAN faucet mount water filter replacement cartridges

These water filters can be used with CULLIGAN water filter for faucets. Quantity wise, the CULLIGAN faucet replacement water filters may be replaced after 200 gallons of use. Generally, replacing the water filters in approximately two (2) months is fine too. CULLIGAN water filters help reduce impurities found in tap water by reducing chlorine taste and odor, sediment, lead and cysts, to give you fresh, clean, great-tasting, healthy water in every glass from the faucet.

CULLIGAN water filter replacement for pitchers

CULLIGAN pitcher filter replacement cartridges are meant to be used in CULLIGAN water pitchers. The durable life of CULLIGAN water pitcher replacement filters is known to be approximately two (2) months. Quantity wise, the CULLIGAN water pitcher replacement filters may be replaced after 50 gallons of use. CULLIGAN water pitcher replacement filters are known to reduce bad taste & odor, giving you fresh, clean, thirst-quenching, refreshing water in every glass.

CULLIGAN shower filter replacement cartridges

Yes, CULLIGAN has shower filter replacement cartridges as well! If you use CULLIGAN shower filter to get a cleaner feel while showering, this product will help maintain that feeling by replacing the shower filter when required. Known to reduce chlorine and sulfur odor, the CULLIGAN shower filters are good for cleaner skin and hair. For easy reminders, they include a cartridge-change reminder sticker too!

CULLIGAN icemaker and water dispenser filter replacement cartridges

Just like other CULLIGAN water filtration products that have replacement cartridges, CULLIGAN’s icemaker and dispenser filter products also have corresponding replacement cartridges. Once you start using CULLIGAN’s icemaker and water dispenser filters, it is very easy to find replacement cartridges.