PUR Water Dispensers

Are your needs for water filters to produce large quantities of water for you and your family? Well, the PUR water dispenser is known to hold up to 18 glasses of clean, filtered water. With capacity to hold 18 8-oz cups, 1.125 gallons of water, this PUR water dispenser is suitable to serve large capacity of filtered water. It’s one-touch water dispensing makes it very easy to use. For room temperature clean, filtered water, consider keeping it on a counter. Or if you like your clean, filtered water to taste chilled, then put this water filter system on the refrigerator shelf for easy dispensing. Either way, this water filtration system is found to be ideal for families or larger groups of people. In addition, PUR water filter refilling can be done easily in the sink and the special fill-tray design helps distribute weight with handles in this PUR water filter system that make it easy to fill and carry.

PUR Water Dispenser – 3 reasons to get one today!

Let’s admit it, refilling water pitchers for serving our needs at home or work can get tedious, especially if there are three or more people using the same water pitcher for getting filtered drinking water. Pur water dispensers offer a great solution to solve this problem. Not just that, Pur water dispensers are also packed with state of the art Pur water filtration technology to make sure that the water we consume is clean and filtered. Top that with all the convenience offered by Pur water filters and all water filtration needs can be met easily. That said; let’s take a detailed look at 3 reasons to get a Pur water dispenser for your home or work place today:


Not enough can be said about one of the most appealing feature of Pur water dispensers, that is, volume of filtered water stored. Picture this, children in a household or coworkers at the workplace frequently need an easily replenish able solution for their high filtered water consumption needs. Pur water dispenser can store a gallon of clean, filtered drinking water for frequent use in households or workplaces. In addition, Pur water dispenser’s water filter can last for couple of months to filter and dispense up to 40 gallons clean drinking water. Pur water dispensers come equipped with one Pur water dispenser water filter replacement.


Unfortunately, traces of various contaminants and impurities can enter tap water. Pur water dispensers are built with Pur’s water purification and filtration technology to fight contaminants and remove unwanted traces of impurities from water. Pur water dispenser filters help to remove microbiological cysts, such as, cryptosporidium and giardia. And although pharmaceuticals may not be present in water of all households or offices, some traces of pharmaceuticals may be found which Pur water dispenser filters also help to remove. Pur water dispenser filters work to reduce the taste and odor of commonly found chlorine in water to ensure delivery of clean, filtered, good quality great-tasting water.


There are many features that highlight the convenience provided by Pur water dispensers. Even with it’s 4.4 pounds in weight, the Pur water dispenser offers a sleek design which conveniently fits in the sink for refilling or in the refrigerator shelf for cooling. A special fill-tray is designed in Pur’s water dispenser that helps distribute weight. Pur’s water dispenser also has in-built handles that make it easy to fill and move the water dispenser. Pur water dispenser’s water filter is convenient to assemble and once started it can last for up to 2 months or 40 gallons of filtered water. And remembering when to change the Pur water filter is super easy for the Pur water dispenser. Just observing the filter-life gauge is a convenient indicator when the Pur water filter for the Pur water dispenser is to be changed. All these aspects make it very easy and convenient to install and start using the Pur water dispenser.