Brita Water Bottles

Do you have a busy lifestyle and are always on the go? Well, no problem – BRITA has a solution for you! Now you can get clean, fresh, great-tasting water on the go by getting BRITA water bottles. BRITA water bottles are reusable and are available in various colors, such as blue and green. Fill up the BRITA water bottle from any ordinary tap to make tap water taste more clean and refreshing. Put your BRITA water bottle in the refrigerator for chilled, refreshing water. These BRITA water bottles are even dishwasher safe and easy to carry with a finger-loop. And the best part is that BRITA water bottles also help reduce the cost and waste of bottled water!

Brita Water Bottles – The best water filters on the go!

At times it can be a challenge to find access to clean, filtered drinking water in our busy lifestyles when we are constantly on the go. Since we travel to different locations there is no guarantee that every place will have clean, filtered drinking water available. To solve this problem, Brita has come up with a great solution by offering Brita’s water bottles that can provide the benefits of Brita water filtration on the go, no matter where we are located. So let’s take a look at the beneficial features of using Brita water bottles:


Brita water bottles are easy to carry no matter where you go. Measuring 3 by 3 by 9 inches, Brita water bottles serve as a lightweight portable solution holding up to 20 ounces of filtered water to keep you hydrated. Brita water bottles have a built-in finger loop that makes the water bottles easy to carry. The sleek shape of the Brita water bottles with indented sides provides a comfortable hold with a good grip on the water bottles. The design of the Brita water bottles is also leak-proof to avoid any hassles of water leakage during movement. On the road, in the car, in meetings, outdoors in the park or anywhere else you find yourself moving in your lifestyle, the Brita water bottles are sure to fulfill your need for filtered drinking water.

Ease of use

All it takes to get filtered, clean drinking water and enjoy the benefits of a Brita water bottle is to fill up the Bita water bottle with ordinary tap water. The in-built Brita water bottle filter works to reduce contaminants that may be found in tap water, such as lead, sediment, sand, rust and grit. Brita water bottle filters also help remove bad tastes and odors that may be caused in the water by substances like chlorine. Brita water bottles have a pull-up drink nozzle feature that comes equipped with a hygienic cover. Sipping the water is easy and the tight seal helps keep water clean for drinking when the Brita water bottle is not in use. Brita water bottles also have filter-change reminders on the bottles which makes it easy to notice when the water filter needs to be changed. Brita water filters are dishwasher safe but just remember to put it in the top shelf. Room temperature or refrigerated, nor matter how you like your filtered water, Brita water bottles are super easy to store on the countertop or refrigerator.

Colorful and environmentally friendly

Brita water bottles are available in various colors to suit your taste. Pick colors like Aqua and Violet in individual bottles or take pairs like Navy/Violet and Aqua/Green. Whatever your choice, the colors offered by Brita water bottles can add a splash of color to your work desk or refrigerator. Moreover, the cost and waste of packaged bottled water can be avoided by using a Brita water bottle. It is estimated that 1 Brita water bottle filter can replace 150 standard 16.9-ounce plastic bottles of water. Not only are Brita water bottles BPA (Bisphenol A) free and reusable, the good news is that they are also recyclable making them an environmentally friendly water bottle. All these eco-friendly features of the Brita water bottle make it a great fit for the environment friendly consumer.